Cover Your Tracks

from Shade of the Trees
(also on Stages)

Rewrote the last act, now Norah comes back in the end to stay
I can't help but wonder, did I miss the point, but it feels better that way
Cover your tracks, but they're a part of you
And everybody knows you're here
Cover your tracks, why are you so afraid
And how do you live with the fear

Nothing is certain, it's just smoke and mirrors and hearsay
It sounds like you've been here to ask directions and went thataway
Cover your tracks, but I'm hot on your heels
Watchin' your back for days
Cover your tracks, but here's a broken branch
And here you lost your way
And circle back

I broke the silence because nothing hurts like nothing to say
Wrote you a letter then wrote another and threw them away
Cover your tracks that could have led you home
Back to from where you came
Cover your tracks, and nothing's left of you
Only your tracks remain

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