Storyhill (formerly known as Chris and Johnny) are a folk/rock duo originally from Montana. Their music is characterized by acoustic guitar, tight harmonies and poetic, imagery-filled lyrics.

Now, you could probably say the same things about a lot of groups in this particular genre. And we won't deny it -- there doesn't seem to be anything particularly unique about these dudes. They sing. They play guitar. Some of their songs are fast, some are slow. They sing about love and relationships a lot. Yeah, not too unusual.

Then whence this obsession? Why do we call them our favorite musical artist? Why do we own every album? Why are they the default CD to grab when we're looking for music? Why are they on every mix CD we've ever made? Why do we regularly scour the Internet for new information? Drive hundreds of miles to go to shows -- even when just one of them is playing? Look in every record store for their cassette-tape-only debut album from their high school days in the vain hopes we'll find it someday?

This website is partly an attempt to answer that question. The rest of it? Well, every band needs a fan site, right? And Scott Comstock's finally died. So I guess it's up to us.

There are other places you can look for information about Storyhill. But none of them will try to present the pair in their entirety. Yes, we remember those early CDs that you can't buy anymore -- with the goofy songs about rivers and waking up at four in the morning. You can't make us forget with your slick new production and fancy record label. You've come a long way, boys, and we love your music -- the stuff from 15 years ago and the stuff you wrote yesterday.

Steady on.

E-mail us. We like that.