Blazing Out of Sight

from Storyhill (self-titled)
(also on Stages)

It's in the color of the trees on the highway
Brilliant with dyin'
It's in the dust we breathe in these days
In your whispers and sighin'
It's in the longest shadows stretching
Into the fallen night
It's in the deep red sun that's settin'
Before we're ready -- blazing out of sight

In the spring when the ice was melting
And the river ran high
We went wading, soon we were swimming
It took an hour to dry
Made a fire, and made out beside it
Saw a meteor that night
Turned the whole valley to daylight
Then it was gone -- blazing out of sight

I just stood there watching the phone ring
Until it was done
You always take so much out of me
I always blow up
I know we gotta talk about it
But I don't wanna fight
So many words beneath the silence
So many chances -- blazing out of sight

How I loved your dirty feet on
My windshield and dash
Open the window and took down the seat
Laid your head back

It's in the deep unknowable blue
Of the silent night sky
It's not being able to talk to you
And not knowing why
Maybe knowing we'd never make it
Made it so right
Shooting stars burn the brightest
We were meant to be blazing out of sight

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