White Roses

from This Side of Lost
(also on Collage, Echoes and Reunion)

You lay a stake in the ground where you wanna be
Unsure that you're still mistaking me
I know you said you liked white roses
Now here's two on a Christmas card

You say the future will always be unclear
But they'll raise the postage rates every year
Could it be we're feeling lonely?
A little room on the basement floor
With memories to decorate the walls

You heard a song playin' on the radio
Sounded something like someone
You used to think you used to know
Some old love song... how'd it go?

You know we're made of more than mud and water
And even though we get along so well
There's something underneath the laughter
Something I've been waiting to tell

I've been wrong about more than the weather
And I've walked in to walls in the night
But right now I'm not draggin' no tether
And I wish that you could just see it right
'Cuz I don't think I can reach that far behind


I know you said you like white roses
And I wish that I could say the same

Chorus (2x)
(Ooh la la la...)

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