from Live at the Grand
(also on Echoes and Where to Begin)

I woke last night in a fit of fright
Must've had a pretty bad dream
I was sweating all over and shakin' my shoulders
And I thought I heard a whippoorwill scream

So I got out of bed and tried to clear my head
And I took a little walk outside
I went down to the thistle to listen for the whistle
Where I knew the whippoorwill do hide

He gave me a morning call
He said it's gonna be a mighty fine day
He said you don't have to worry at all
I'm gonna chase your troubles away

He sang at dawn when the sky was green
And morning filled my eye
Venus was shining like I'd never seen
And I knew the whippoorwill don't lie

Then the sun came bounding over the hill
And it gave another day to keep
So I said goodnight to the whippoorwill
He went back to the thistle to sleep

Chorus (2x)

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