Somewhere In Between

from Clearing
(also on Storyhill Live, Echoes, and Reunion)

I was sleeping -- I don't know if we're in Iowa or Missouri
It's one of those dreams -- caught between the clearing and the blurry
And I'm not awake, but I'm not sleeping
I'm somewhere in between

She said, you know, it's funny how he could need somebody he can't even stand to be around
He calls me from the bar when he's sorry, he can only talk to be when he's standing on familiar ground
And he takes me for a fool, he says he'd be home
If he hadn't promised one more game of pool
And I don't love him, but I don't hate him
I'm somewhere in between

You don't know where you stand now that all the light has somehow left her face
You used to be hers and she used to be yours and you saw everything that way
But now all your connections have faded away
Like meaning from direction, like color from the day
And you're not lovers, but you're not strangers
You're somewhere in between

They started fighting last year at Christmas and it's just getting worse every day
He gave you his pride and she gave you her ego, but they mostly give you silence today
And if he's pullin' closer, she's pushin' away
And you try to help, but what can a kid say
And you're not on his side but you're not on her side
You're somewhere in between

I've tried to get through to let you know how much of who I am I owe to you
But you don't let me -- you turn and twist my words and make cracks for them to fall through
And I waste my time tryin' to be honest
Lookin' for words to bridge the gap between us
But you don't hear them, and I'm still talking
They're somewhere in between us

I was sleeping -- I don't know if we're in Iowa or Missouri
But it doesn't matter -- it all looks the the same between the cornfields and the snow flurries
And I'm just passin' through on the way to somewhere
The destination's distant, but I don't care
I haven't yet arrived, but I'm not just starting
I'm somewhere in between

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