Parallel Lives

from Miles and Means
(also on Reunion)

Our place is outside the house, where house rules won't be broken
I set aside a piece of my soul
The ring around the moon tonight will be my only token
I'll place it on your finger when we go

We lead parallel lives
Never too far and never to touch
We lead parallel lives
And I love you very much

Separated by a gap in time I remember our first kiss
That's not the only thing that I miss
Every wink, every unsaid word, every song we listened to
I'm blessed by the memories of you

We lead parallel lives
With respect in our resistance
We lead parallel lives
And we're one in our distance

As we are, we're worlds apart but I can still command your eye
I can make you smile, twitch or blush
And the other night when the lunar light had spread across the sky
It wasn't the white wine that gave the rush

I'll be sure to let you know when I'm coming back to town
I know that when I'm home you like to see me
You might be a letter or two but you'll never find me at your door
I hear the air in Georgia is kind of sticky

We'll lead parallel lives
Like an arrow straight and true
We'll lead parallel lives
that of me and that of you

We'll lead parallel lives
That will never come together
We'll lead parallel lives
And perhaps it's for the better

We'll lead parallel lives
We'll lead parallel lives

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