Old Sea Captain

from This Side of Lost
(also on Storyhill Live, Collage and Reunion)

Raise the anchor, a warm wind has begun to blow
Hoist the sails, it's almost time to go
Farewell words to a fair and gentle man
Old sea captain, you'll soon be sailing again

From the shores we'll stand and watch your wake unfold
From the lighthouse, we'll send our signals so you know
You're in our prayers, with plenty of air to fill your sails
On the high ocean, through the storms you will prevail

Go well, go well
Go well old sea captain

You've been our anchor, you've been our beacon in the night
Through struggle and anger, you've shown a peaceful way to fight
Around your table, you brought together a family
I'm standing strong now 'cuz I once sat on your knee


Querido abuelo, me oyes cuando canto a tí
No he explicado lo que significas para mí
Pero cuando canto y caundo miro hacia al mar
Pensaré en tí, pensaré en tí
Pensaré en tí, I will think of you


Translation of the Spanish verse:
Beloved grandfather, you hear me when I sing
I've never told you how much you mean to me
But when I'm singing, or when I look toward the sea
I will think of you, I will think of you

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