Mary on the Mountain

from This Side of Lost
(also on Collage, Echoes and Reunion)

Someone must've needed guidance
On a very grand scale
Now if you stumble out of any bar on Broadway
She will be there looking down on you
'Cuz Mary's on the mountain

They made her almost 100 feet tall
And almost half was wide
They gav her a robe of brilliant white
Now you can see that there's no doubt that
Mary's on the mountain

The children ask their mothers
With more than a little fear
Does she like it up there in that place?
Is she happy? I can't see the face
Of Mary on the mountain

And the mothers tell their children
Now, you be sure you understand
She's frowning when you deceive
And she's smiling when you believe
In Mary on the mountain

All through high school she was there
Always in the back of your mind
If you did something you knew wasn't right
You made sure you did it out of the sight
Of Mary on the mountain

Ah, but we did our share of drinking
And we had our share of fun
When we rolled the truck out on County 1
No one was there to see what we had done
But Mary on the mountain

Last Friday night we climbed up there
To the place where she stands
And jumped over the fence and found our way to
The forbidden door and up we climbed
Through Mary on the mountain

And sooner than we thought
We reached the very top
But there was only darkness all around
She had no eyes -- you couldn't see the town
From Mary on the mountain

We tried so hard to be perfect
We tired so hard to be kind
But she couldn't see nothing for all this time
But maybe, my friend, we're just as blind
As Mary on the mountain

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