Hard Wind

from This Side of Lost
(also on Collage, Storyhill Live and Reunion)

A hard wind pressed against the windshield
But I'd always thought myself a part of the weather
Waiting with the heat, release with the rain
But I'm sorry to say it's fighting me now

And I may be wrong -- I have no way of knowing
But I won't pretend to know where I'm going
'Cuz I never have -- it's always been the same
But it's only me, there's no one to blame

I have thought before I'd break
That I would need no other
But I have no illusions now
Under this waste and this weather

What was real and what I held important
It has all been turning like these brilliant blades of color
Fading with the sun, and changing with the pace
Of every race I've run that's beating me down


This hard wind pressed against the windshield

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