Gone Away

from This Side of Lost
(also on Echoes and Reunion)

Between where we were and Tanglewood
A grey whale split the Sound
Until the people in their noisy boats
Circled all around

And the evening took the mountain away
And turned all the colors blue
And we took pictures, but it was too dark
And there's nothing you can do

To bring back the day
It's gone away
It's gone away
It's gone away from you

I opened the door tonight
To the balcony above the street
And it's almost a welcome sight
Almost familiar to me

But tomorrow I'll be somewhere else
Walking on someone else's feet
I'm always only a ghost of myself
All the rest of me

Couldn't keep up the pace
And those bright days have come and past
And though you try, you cannot get them back
They've gone away
They've gone away
They've gone away from you

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