Continents Collide

from This Side of Lost

I just want to tell you now that I'm sorry
And take a minute to get it out so we can both go free

'Cuz when we're frozen stiff inside and we're too paralyzed to feel
And don't know the difference between wrong or right
And can't tell the fantasy from the real
Down into ourselves the shame must be concealed

Continents collide in their clumsy dance
They make mountains and drift out to sea
And I imagine the same thing could happen
If left to chance, to you and me

I'd like to think that we can make ourselves by what we think ourselves could be
But sometimes, you know, I think too much and do so selfishly


Now I just want to thank you now for listening
And at least for now, there's no doubt that we can begin again

Thanks to Abbi Telander for transcription!

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