Another Time

from This Side of Lost
(also on Echoes)

You wish 'em well -- what else can you do?
They're on their way and so are you
You look forward to another time
To tell them how's it been

Some days are dungeons while others shine
They burn in your memory like turpentine
Some grapes are raisins, some are wine
You'll tell them sometime

Tomorrow's so bright that it burns his eyes
Everyone's happy, he's happy with life
He's got a kid in the cradle, a car and a wife
That's how they say that you've been

But how long since we were kids?
The crazy things we did
Like throwing apples at cars
And measuring the skids
Blaming the neighbor kids

So much for college and the higher mind
You read for pleasure when you've got the time
You've found the job that works you fine

Thanks for dinner and the table wine
Someday I'll settle and I'll bring you to mine
I look forward to another time

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